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In my country açaí is eaten pretty frequently but people don't talk so much about how healthy it is. That seems to be an American thing.


Acai mixed with tapioca is right. Thats the only way to go ;)


Any recommendations on where to buy acai juice?


You can get acai in a lot of different places now. You don't even need to go to a health food store or buy online. Just go to your grocery and keep your eyes open. At very least you're likely to see a bunch of juices that include acai. Most common is pomegranate-acai juice.


There's a vitamin water called glaceau that has a triple anti oxidant mix, including acai. You see them everywhere.


does eating acai affect your appetite. if it fights hunger than i want it!!!!


I have tried the açaí diet. I did lose weight. But I exercised quite a bit and really counted my calories at the same time. I lost about half a size in two & half months. I'm keeping up my routine and just eating blueberries instead of açaí now.

Maqui Berry

Try Maqui Berries! They are delicious and much better for you than Acai.


Acai isn't proven to do anything! There are some interesting stories out there but people jumped on to this boat way too fast.

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